Supporter RULES & GUIDE




A Support Driver is not a spectator. If you decide to be a Supporter, you make the decision to support your team and support this Event as a whole, to adhere to the rules and assist with certain functions and requirements e.g. Transport Cyclist that have withdrawn from the event, from Checkpoint #2/#3 to Finish. It will be required that you not only support your riders, but any rider that might require support.

Supporters are a crucial part of this event and the decision to be a Supporter should not be taken lightly. You will be required to adhere to instructions given by Checkpoint Marshals when your assistance and support is needed or necessary.

If you have made the decision to check-in at Checkpoint #2/#3, you have made the decision to Support this event


The Support Driver for the team must register/collect support info at registration, in addition to the team registering.

Please make sure you know your team number before registration!

Registration takes place on the Friday from 15:00 to 21:00 or Saturday morning between 05:00 and 06:30

Support vehicle driver briefing is at 06:30 at the start line.


Only one support vehicle is allowed per team.

  • The road is open to normal traffic. Please obey all traffic rules, officials, marshals and medics.

  • The route will be marked to show support vehicles where to go.

  • Event Sweep vehicles will be available to act as pick-up vehicle for those that are forced to withdraw.

  • Medical assistance will be available as required

  • No assistance will be allowed along the route. Assistance may only be provided at Checkpoint #2/#3

  • Cyclists will have the right of way during the race!

  • Take caution at Checkpoint #2/#3 when travelling with the cyclists on a portion of the road

  • Ensure that you know the route and location of checkpoints.

  • No driving through the veld. Stick to the road and demarcated areas (at checkpoints)

  • Supporters will need to travel back to the finish on the Western side of the river. No support vehicle may cross the river on the Ferry.

  • No littering, please!


Your cooperation will be appreciated by riders and organizers. While you are at Checkpoint #2/3, relax and enjoy the atmosphere – this is a great way to experience the event

•  You will not be allowed to enter Checkpoint #2/#3 without your Support Sticker on your vehicle (received at Race Registration)

•  Cyclist will be traveling on the SAME route as you on certain sections, please drive with caution - STAY WIDER FROM THE RIDER!

•  There will be parking areas for supporters. This is where you will meet your team. You will need to indicate to them where you are as they arrive at Checkpoint #2/#3. There will be parking assistants to assist with this.

• Support is allowed to be given at vehicles.

•  Check-in and Check-out at the Support Check-in / Check-out sign.

•  There will be Food available to buy for Supporters. Food and drinks provided to the riders will be in the designated area for riders only.

•  Please use as little space as possible in order for the riders to move around more freely

•  Due to the the nature of the race and some areas being in a non-signal area, Officials DO NOT know where your riders are. Please be patient while waiting for them.

•  Going to Checkpoint #2/#3 is not mandatory for a support vehicle. You can hand in a box which we will tranport to Malagas checkpoint 2/3. 



All support vehicle drivers must attend the drivers briefing at 06:30 at the start line on Saturday.

Leaders of the race are anticipated to arrive around 09:00 at Checkpoint #2/#3.

Event support will be withdrawn at 19:00 on Saturday evening. Team support vehicles must then collect their team.

Team container collection opens at 15:00 and closes at 19:00 on Saturday. Please be sure to collect your goods in this time slot. If not collected it will be donated to those in need.


Support vehicles please do not leave the race venue immediately after race start. This is done for safety purposes. We don't want vehicles to drive past riders unnecessarily. You will have a 45 minute drive to Checkpoint #2/#3 while it will take 4 hours for the 100 MILER Riders and 2 hours for the 60 MILER Riders to arrive - this means that support vehicles will have more than enough time to get to Checkpoint #2/#3.

Please give riders at least a 30 minute head start. After the 30 minutes they will follow a different route than supporter vehicles.

Directions to Malgas:

Drive on the N2 in the direction of Capetown for about 5km.

Turn left at Napkysmond/Infanta turn-off.

At the Y split, go RIGHT. Cyclist will go LEFT here.

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